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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baker's Dozen

Hello and Happy Sunday Friends,

Hi Friends
I had a great day today. The Monkey and I headed over to Becky's to bake so the guys could have a day to just watch football and not worry about kidlets. Our baking plans included pumpkin bead, cinnamon pins, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies and white chocolate/raspberry cookies. Which I totally had to try everyone, just had to make sure they were safe for everyone to eat of course.
Becky rocking out the cinnamon pin wheels

Martha Stewart Eat Your Heart Out
I had a special helper with me today. She really knew how to make some awesome pin wheels. The monkey literally hung out in her carrier all day while I made and baked cookies. It was a lot of fun to bake with Becky and Ryker. He was so cute. He saw me holding Gwyn so he wanted to be held. Once he was in Becky's arms he was trying to give Gwyn kisses. It was so sweet!

Becky and I had a solid baking plan in place. We started with the pumpkin bread, moved onto the cinnamon pin wheels, followed by the sugar cookies and ended with the peanut butter and white chocolate ones. I figured go from harder to easier ones and while the last patch of cookies were int he oven we would decorate our sugar cookie men and stars. It worked out perfect.

We ended up baking for almost 5 hours today, which in my eyes, is a perfect day. The Monkey and I came home to meet up with Tommy for some dinner. We had a groupon for Bamboo Club so we decided to head out for some tasty goodness. The groupon was for a 3 course meal that included a glass of wine... DO mind if I do. It was really nice to cap an awesome weekend off with dinner with my two favorite people.

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings. It will be my first Monday at my new job. I am really liking what I am doing and cannot wait to change lives! I hope that you had just as fun of a weekend as I have. Until tomorrow keep loving laughing and living life.

She is all baked out!

 Much Love,


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