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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Very Interesting Saturday

Hello and Happy Sunday Lovely's,

I am so cute!
I hope you had a fun and warm Saturday. Mine was very interesting to say the least. It started out in its typical fashion, with a very happy Monkey. She was up early and mommy and daddy were not ready to get up so she hung out with us for a bit. After an hour or so she was ready to eat so we got up, daddy got us coffee, and I fed the Monkey. It was a pretty lazy Saturday morning. We literally watched almost an entire disk of Dexter. I absolutely love that show!!! We are season behind, but catching up, especially when we knock a disk out in one morning. 

After we got our Dexter fix we decorated the house for Christmas. I do not have as many decoration that I would like, so we headed out to Micheal's and Lowes to look for some more. We did not have a whole lot of time since I was going to meet Mrs. B for our 10 mile run. So we quickly ran into Micheal's and got cinnamon scented pine cones, garland to drape over the windows and a little joy statue. Once we get the tree decorated and I finish decorating the house I will post pictures. This is bar non my favorite time of year!!

Before the run
Becky and Rick came over so Becky and I could go for our run. Of course when we headed out it started to rain and the temperature dropped a bit. It was not to bad for the start, but I had a feeling it was only going to get worse. It was not our best run, to be honest it was the first run I have done all week. I have not been keeping up with my training to well. It is all good though because our race is next week and I figure I am not running for time, just simply to finish. As long as I have my running buddy we will rock it.

Well the run started out pretty good, then both of our trackers decided to stop working, so we do not even know how long we ran for, nor the pace time. Oh well! So we just put our heads down and ran. It was ok until the rain started to come in at a slant and the wind picked up. It got really cold and my muscle started to cramp up. I almost fell off of the over pass as we ran up to speedway because my hamstring tightened up I could not left my up over the ledge. That was my first near death experience in the run.Becky and I had a little laugh about it as we ran down Campbell to meet the boys. 

After the run
As we were running down Campbell the rain picked up even more and the temp dropped even further down. Our pace was definitely slowing down but we were determined to finish. We had less then a half mile to go when I had a second near death experience on the run. All of the sudden we heard a loud pop and then a crash. As I turned around to see a bumper coming right at my head. It was crazy!!!! We looked up the street and saw a truck driving down the street with his hood lifted completely blocking his view. It was unbelievable. After this run we definitely needed a beer.

We ended the run at 1702 pizza on speedway. The boys were waiting there with the kidlets and had a pie already for us when we got there. If you have not been to 1702 yet I highly recommend you try it out. Just check out there website for all the tasty deliciousness  The food is pretty darn good, but the fact that they have 52 beers on tap! Austin, one of the owners, made a delicious mix of White Chocolate Ale and Outer Darkness Stout. It was the absolute perfect way to end the day! The fun is going to continue to rock today since the Monkey and I are going to meet up with Becky to bake some Holiday treats. Today is going to be a fun day! I hope you are having as great of a weekend as I am. Remember until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!

Our Tasty Treat

Much Love, 

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