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Friday, October 28, 2011

Freaky Friday... Not to much!

Hello and Happy Friday Lovely's,

Trick or Treat
Today was a fun day with me the monks to start it out and then we ended with some good times with Daddy. The Monkey did not sleep so good last night, so in-turn, we did not sleep so good. She woke up every 3 hours last night to eat, but she has also discovered how to growl and does it all the time. I think she does it when she has to poop, so just imagine hearing grrrrrrrrrrrr at 3am as a wake up call. You cannot help but laugh, but at the same time you just want her to sleep so you can. There is always tonight!

So the monkey and I got up and got ready to go run some errands before meeting up Kyra and Bel for the rehearsal luncheon at El Charro. It is super fun to be apart of such a fun weekend. Kyra and Bel looked so excited and happy to be surrounded by all their family and friends. It is going to be such a beautiful wedding, look for pictures to come tomorrow or Sunday.

who you going to call
Tonight we went to Halloween at Reid Park Zoo with the Welps and the Sears. It was so much fun. They decorated the entire park into different sections and passed out candy to all the kids. We even saw a couple of elephants. We first had the Monkey in her monkey beanie and then dressed her up in the yoda costume that her cousin, Haylee, wore last year. She looked so darn cute I just wanted to eat her up.

Haylee dressed up as the cutest Minnie Mouse I have ever seen and Ryker was the cutest Superman as well. Halloween is going to be super fun with these kidlets. We are going to head to the Welps for dinner and some tricks and treats. All I can say is that this is going to be one hell of weekend. I hope you all have just as much fun as we plan on having.

So until tomorrow keep loving laughing and living life! May the Force be with you!

The force is strong with this one!

Much Love, 


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun Filled Day!

Hello and Happy Thursday Peeps!

Just another fun day

 Today was a fun day with the Lloyd clan. This is the smiling face that I woke up to this morning. I could hear her in her bassinet just chatting away and trying to put both her hands in her mouth. You cannot help but smile when you have this face staring at you. That started my day off on the right foot. I got the Monkey up, dressed and ready to go and then got myself ready to go. I fed her and then we were out the door to Grandma Ellie's house to help Kyra and Bel get ready for their big day. 

We got to Grandma Ellie's house and she had a spread for breakfast. She baked a ham, made scrambled eggs, home fries, biscuits and had fresh fruit. It was tasty deliciousness that was topped off with a cup of coffee with chocolate mike for creamer, yes that is right chocolate milk as the creamer. After that lovely breakfast we were ready to get going on the wedding. I worked on their agendas that were going into all the welcome bags for their guest while Bel and Kyra picked up more guest from the airport. 

Someone is sleepy
Gwynnie was having the pick of the party of who wanted to hold her. She was chatting, smiling and being a little bitter betty, but once she was in the arms of a trusty of one of Kyra's bridesmaids she was a happy little Monkey ready to take a nap. She seriously had the magic touch. As most if you know the Monkey does not like to miss anything, so taking a nap was out of the question with all the fun around her. That was until she these lovely arms! THANK YOU! This allowed me to get some work done. :) 

The Monkey and I left Grandma Ellie's around 2 ish because I had a meeting at the College of Nursing so I could see what I need to do to get started with classes. It is not going to be an easy task, but I know I can do it. They now have a program that I can enroll in that I will be graduate with a Master's in Nursing since I already have my degree. I am not going to lie I am kind of excited about it. This is something that I have been talking about for a long time and now it is time to put it into action. So nursing school here I come!

You better not mess up my pumpkin!

Hard at work

When I got home it was pumpkin carving time. We pulled out the carving book of fun and had the Monkey pick out her favorite sketch and we began the fun. My favorite part of carving pumpkins is the smell and cleaning out the guts. I know it sounds weird, but it is my favorite. Once I got it all cleaned out daddy and I tool turns carving out the pieces while the Monkey was managing our progress. She was very picky about how it looked and we wanted to make sure it was perfect for her. It is her first pumpkin after all.

Working hard

Her daddy and I had a lot of fun carving the pumpkin. Auntie Sammie taught us trick that if you sprinkle the top of the pumpkin with cinnamon when you light it it fills the air with a very nice aroma as well as it sparks a little bit and adds a little more flare. Our Monkey has by far the best pumpkin on the block!

We are now just enjoying the rest of the night together. Watching some of our favorite shows and then going to hit the sack so we can get up and do it all over again. I am super excited to hang with the Thompson's and Beljour;s tomorrow. It is shaping up to be a fun weekend! I hope you all are havign a great week as well. Until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!

Good Job Team

Much Love, 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sorry, we have missed you!

Hello and Happy Humpday my lovely's,

I am ready to dance!
First off... My apologies for not posting in the last couple of days. I am not going to go that long without a post again. I will fill you in on what has been going on in the world of the Lloyd's. It is the week leading up to Kyra's big day, so we spent Monday and Tuesday hanging with her a bit. 

Monday we started the day out with a CrossFit NWT workout and boy was it a big one. It was a hero WOD. Hero WOD's are workouts named after fallen service men that we do in honor of them. Monday was for "Bradshaw." Bradshaw was 10 rounds of 3 handstand push-ups, 6 dead lifts, 12 pull-ups and 24 double unders all for time. It took me 38min to complete 30 wall climbs (I subbed them for handstand push-ups), 60 dead lifts, 120 pull-ups and 240 double unders. We could barely lift our arm at the end of that workout! Kyra had to jet straight from the workout to get to a meeting and I had an interview with Starbucks. I cleaned myself up really quickly from the workout and headed down to meet daddy so he could watch the monkey while I worked my charm in an interview.

Sushi with my girls
The interview went well with Starbucks and I should potentially hear something by Thursday. We shall see what happens in the next couple of days. I also had a phone interview with another pharmaceutical company later that afternoon as well. I thought it went well and the interviewer thought so to. He had a few more interviews the next day and if I got a phone call I would move on to the next step. I have a couple of things brewing up in the job department and we shall see if something pans out. The Monkey and I joined Kyra, Juliet and Taryn for sushi to end the night. Kyra and I carpooled and it was just like old times! I cannot believe she is getting married this weekend and moving. I am getting sad face the more I think about it, but I am so excited for her to start such an incredible journey with Bel!

I got my tu tu on and am ready to go!

Tuesday was a very fun day! We started out with Dance Party with Kyra and Rhina and what a fun class it was. The Monks was shaking her tail feather all over the floor. I put her in her special outfit for her to shake her tail feather. This is just one of 5 tu tu's in her closet.
Shake it up!

 This was our first dance party class since the Monks was born. I was planning on going to the class the Tuesday before she was born, but she was not cooperating so we just went for a walk. I was super excited to join my fellow dancers for an hour of fun.

Kyra and I having to much fun
Kyra and Rhina with the Monke
After the class was over the wonderful ladies of the class through a little party for Kyra for her wedding as well as a chance for everyone to say bye to her. They all brought such tasty little treats and drinks that it was just what we needed after the class. The women we dance with are really going to miss Kyra and it was so unbelievably sweet of them to throw her such a thoughtful party.

It was a great way to start the day, I know the Monkey and I enjoyed sweating with some incredible people. After class Tommy was waiting for us so we could head home for some lunch. We were just going to hang for the day and head out for a run before we headed to bowling with our first place team!

The Great Pumpkin!
Today is Wednesday and nothing crazy happened today. In fact is was a pretty uneventful today. I did not hear from the pharma company I interviewed with, so back to the drawing board. No worries though, the right plan will show its self soon enough and for now I just get to hang with my 2 favorite people in the world. That is pretty much what we did today. The best part was taking the Monks to get her very first pumpkin ever! She picked it out all by herself... Ok so we helped her pick it out. :) Anyhoo... I hope you all are having a great week and life is full of smiles. Please let me know if you have any thing you want to hear about or pictures you want to see. I look forward to hearing from you. Remember until tomorrow to keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much Love,


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Busy Bee Saturday!

Hello and Happy Saturday Lovely"s,

Well Hello There!
Saturday was fun and busy day. We started the day in usual fashion with a very happy Gwynnie talking to her fist and then trying to shove both of them in her mouth. She has been a chatty Cathy and just telling me all about her dreams. She slept another 6 hours last night, which was awesome. I got some sleep which is always nice. She has a new trick up her sleeve now. After she eats I normally change her diaper, wrap her up and put her back in her bed, well now I feed her and let her sit for a few minutes because she enjoys having me change 2 diapers. She would wait until I had her all clean and wrapped and then load her shorts again. She would do all this with that adorable smile and I would find myself laughing at her. Once I got her back to sleep we got to sleep in until 8am. We got up and went to see if grandma was awake, she was still sleeping so we went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Grandma heard us up and came out to greet us. 

I want some!

After we had a morning cup of coffee I headed out to the gym to have an incredible kickboxing class with Lizetta! I have not taken that class in forever and was so looking forward to getting in a great sweat. Sweat I did in her class. I definetly worked up quite an appetite and decided to take Gwynnie and Grandma to breakfast at Gus Balon's. They have the best cinnamon rolls there. As you can see they are as big as Gwynnie. Grandma and I shared one and could not even finish it, but I sure tried.

My lil dinosaur
After breakfast we decided to head to the mall to go shopping for Gwynnie. We figured we were safe since daddy was out of town. :0) We were trying to find her a Christmas outfit to wear when we go to dinner at Auntie Sammie and Uncle Kevin's. Boy did we find her an outfit... We found her 2 outfits, a Christmas onsies, new pair of shoe's and a Christmas ornament. Thank you grandma for all my cute outfits. I cannot wait for her to wear them.
Hi Daddy!
After the mall we headed home to relax a little bit before daddy came home and we met up with Kyra for dinner and drinks. I was hoping the Monkey would take a nap so we could take one, but no such dice. She was way to excited that her daddy was coming home. So we hung out until we heard the garage door open. The minute daddy walked in and she heard his voice she got excited. She was very happy to see him and even more happier to have him home.

Tommy and Grandma

 Daddy got a shower and we changed Gwynnie into her party dress and headed out to meet Kyra at Hotel Congress. We were having a little get together so our friends could say ta ta to Kyra since she will be moving to the East coast in a week... She is also getting married in a week! Yay!!!
The girls

We got to Hotel Congress to meet Kyra and enjoyed their wonderful lemon drop martini's and nachos. It was also the 6th annual zombie walk through downtown and we saw some pretty interesting people while enjoying some cocktails. Apparently there were roughly 1500 people decked out in zombie costumes and walking up and down the streets. It was pretty funny to see everyone dressed up.

Love these girls!
 Amber, Jill and Chadwick all met us at Hotel congress to say good bye to Kyra. It was so nice just to be able to hang with these peeps. We normally only get to see them in the fitness environment, but now we just all got to chat and enjoy each others company. Amber flew in from Alabama. It was so nice to see her. I miss WOD-ing it up with her at CrossFit. She is here for another week or 2 and I know we will be hanging out some more.
Chadwick and Kyra

The night ended with a great dinner and some ice cream from the HUB downtown. If you have not eaten there, I highly recommend it. They have tasty sandwiches and soups, but most of all there homemade ice cream is incredible. The winner flavor of the night was the Pistachio Baklava. It was creamy deliciousness with tasty chunks of baklava and pistachio nuts. I love that there flavors change daily as well. You can always try something new.

Our Saturday was a fun filled day with some incredible people. I am glad I got to spend the night with my favorite people. I hope you all had a great Saturday as well. Remember until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living, life!

Much Love,


Friday, October 21, 2011

Chatty Cathy

Hello and Happy Friday,

Bright eyed and bushy tailed!
I hope you are having a great week and have a super fun weekend ahead of you. We had a fun and mellow Friday. Gwynnie woke up with her normal adorable smile on her face. She has been waking up so happy and always with a smile (and occasionally bright eyed :)) We were going to head out for a morning walk today with not only Cassie, but Grandma as well. We all got up and got ready to head out for our walk. The only bummer about this morning was we were out of coffee so we could not start our day off with a frothy coffee. Not to worry though, we just stopped at the Quick Mart for as small cup of coffee before our walk.

The girls

We met up with Cassie at Reid Park for a lovely walk in the "some what" cooler Arizona day. I love just hanging out with Cassie for our walks. We just get to chat, catch up and just hang with the girls. It was really nice to have Grandma along for the ride. Gwynnie slept the whole time on the walk. You put her in her car seat and move her around and she is done sauce. She literally did not wake up until we got to Starbucks. Once we got to Starbucks the Monks wanted her own beverage as well. While we sipped on our Joe and chatted, Gwynnie did the same thing.

Thanks Grandma
After we finished our cup of Joe we headed to Costco to replenish our old mother hubbard of a fridge. Gwynnie was a little crank while we were walking through aisle and it was because she was a little gassy. While a ran to grab our milk in the freezer section, Grandma hung with Gwynnie at the cart. Gwynnie was not very lady like and let out the biggest fart. People walking by looked at Grandma with an OMG face and she had to tell them it was not her, it was the baby. Gwynnie of course just had a smile on her face.
I am ready for my close-up
 Today Gwynnie was just talking up a storm. She had something to say and made sure everyone was listening to her. Grandma and I could not stop laughing when she was talking. Gwynnie would actually get mad if she was talking and you were not looking at her to hear what she had to say. We spent the afternoon just listening to Gwyn chat it up. I am afraid when she actually starts talking for real we will not be able to quite her down, just like her mom. Sorry daddy, I have a feeling you are going to have a hard time getting us to stop talking. :)

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out at home. After having such a long day yesterday we just kept it mellow yellow. After getting back from Costco we just hung out and watch the NCIS marathon and napped. Gwynnie received a special gift from Grandma Lloyd today. She hand made her a blanket and 2 knitted caps. They are so beautiful and so soft and will be perfect when our weather cools off. Gwynnie really like her new knit cap and will be sending a thank you note to Grandma Lloyd tomorrow. I really hope that we will get up to see Grandma Lloyd soon. I would love for Gwynnie to meet her. 

Thanks Grandma Lloyd!
Our day was not to exciting, but we enjoyed just hanging together. I hope that your Friday has started your weekend off on the right foot. I know ours did. Until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!
Much Love,


Thursday, October 20, 2011

A busy few days!

Hello and Happy Thursday,

Good Morning!

Funny Daddy
First off I would like to apologize for not posting the last few days. Things have been a little crazy, good, but crazy! Tommy left with the team for Vegas on Tuesday morning. I am really excited for him and the team this year. They are so young and have so much potential, it is going to be a good year. We got up with Gwynnie, who was a very happy baby on Tuesday morning so we could all hangout before daddy had to leave.

Daddy loves to play around with Gwynnie in the morning. He was getting in all he could since he is going to be gone over the next couple of days. She is going to miss her daddy so she made sure to get all she her smiles and laughs in before we said ta ta for now. Daddy had his breakfast while Gwynnie had hers and we just chatted and enjoyed each others company. I had a busy day a head of me. I had a phone interview with a pharmaceutical company on Wednesday and had to prepare for that, drop tickets off to McKale and pick-up Grandma from the airport. Fun day ahead of me and Gwynnie. 
Good Luck Daddy
Daddy headed to the airport and I began my preparation for my interview on Wednesday. While I was preparing for the interview I received a phone call from the company I was interviewing with asking if I could be available for a face to face interview on Thursday in Phoenix if the phone interview goes well. I told them of course I would be and I got a sudden rush of excitement. Not only did I have a phone interview, but the potential of a face to face was incredible, since I have not heard back from the companies I have applied to. Everything happens for a reason though and I am just letting life takes it course.
Fun day with mommy

The afternoon trucked on and the Monks and I headed down to campus to meet with some friends and drop off football tickets to a friend. We stopped in to see Lisa and Stella so Gwynnie could say hello to them before we ran our errands. It is always good to see what they are up to. Gwynnie was showing them all her new tricks. She showed them how she makes raspberries, eats her fist and clasp her hands as well. After we visited with our friends at McKale we headed down campus to run the rest of our errands. Gwynnie was a trooper all day. She just people watched while we cruised down campus and had conversation with me while we were driving around town. 

Resting up for Grandma
We headed home around mid afternoon so the Monks could take a nap and I could try and get some more work done for my interview and apply for jobs. We also had to pick grandma up from the airport as well. We were both very excited about that. Grandma has not seen Gwynnie since she was 4 weeks old. Grandma could hardly wait to get out here, but once at the airport got the news that everyone dreads... DELAY! She was supposed to land in Tucson at 6:45pm and she now was not leaving LA until 8:45pm. Gwynnie and I were bummed that she was not going to get here until late evening. :( So I decided to give Gwyn a bath and take a shower myself since it was going to be a late when we got home and we could just go to bed once grandma got in. 

Hi Grandma
We scooped grandma up around 10:30pm or so and could not wait for the weekend of fun to begin. Gwyn was asleep on the drive to get grandma, but once we got home she was up and ready to play. She was telling grandma all her stories and showing her how she makes raspberries and eats her fist as well. It is rather entertaining to watch Gwynnie try and stick both hands in her mouth. I decided to top her off before going to bed in hopes that she would sleep through the night. 

Berry Sweet
Gwynnie did sleep through the night and allowed mommy to get some good sleep so she could be ready to go for her interview. I headed to Starbucks so I could tale the interview without being interupted. It is very hard to concentrate when you have such an adorable face string at you. I headed out the door and grandma got some quality Gwynnie time. 

Good Luck Mommy
The interview went really well and I thought that I would be passed on to the face to face interview. I was pretty amazed by the fact that before I even pulled the car into the driveway, after the interview, I received a call to schedule my face to face interview time. I had to be uo to Phoenix by 10am on Thursday to chat with my potential boss. It was very exciting and I had to call Tommy to share the news with him. He was very excited and proud of me as well I was of myself. It was nice to get the opportunity to get an interview because sometimes that is all you need for a company to truly see you and what you can bring to a company.

Hot ladies right there
Since I do not have really any appropriate interview attire grandma, Gwynnie and I decided to head to the mall so I could find something. We must have shopped for 2 hours before finding the perfect outfit that would land me the perfect job. It was from grandma's favorite store, The Loft, and I absolutely loved my outfit. Grandma got it for me as a gift and I was so appreciative of the gift, it was really sweet of her. Now I had all my preparation ready to go for my face to face and we were now heading to beyond bread for a snack.
Time to Grub
Grandma called our cousin Ally, who is a freshman at The U of A, to see if she was available to go to dinner with us. I was really excited when she decided to join us for dinner. It feels like forever since I have seen her and it is crazy considering that she lives only 15min away. We went to dinner at one our favorite restaurants, The Cup Cafe, in Hotel Congress. It has unbelievable food and deserts. If you have not tried it I highly recommend that you do. So many different flavors and types of food that it has something for everyone in your group. check it out the next time you are in town.
I love my carrot
Thursday came awful early this morning. Gwynnie was a fabulous little one last night and slept for over 6 hours before she woke up to feed. I got good sleep for my interview today. We had to leave the house no later then 7:30am to get up to Phoenix by 10:00am. I wanted to get there a little early so I had time to decompress and get ready to charm the individuals I was about to meet. 

Time to go mommy
The interview went well. It was definitely nerve racking since the only jobs I have interviewed for have been retail jobs and this is not a retail job. I am just over the whole 4 walls and door deal, working every weekend and holiday as well. I am looking for a 9-5pm, Monday through Friday that allows me to be in the community, meet new people and educate them on health and wellness. I am hoping this job allows me that opportunity to do that, we shall see. I am now waiting to hear from their HR department to see if I move on to the next stage. Fingers crossed all goes well, which it will. :)

Hi Kathi

Since we were up in Phoenix we stopped off to see an old friend of the family, Kathi, for some lunch and catching up. She is expecting her second grand-baby in roughly 2 weeks. Her son, Shea, and his wife, Cyndi, are due on Oct 29th. They are expecting a little boy, Reed and we could not be more excited for them. We stayed for a couple hours and enjoyed some lunch and small talk on what is new and exciting in our worlds. We spent the majority of the afternoon laughing and catching up that we did not realize how late it was and we needed to get home to watch the U of A game. We said our ta ta for now and headed back home. 

Uncle Kevin and the Fish
Gwynnie was a champ and slept the whole way home. She loves car rides! We decided to head over to Auntie Sammies and Uncle Kevin's for dinner and some football. We were playing UCLA this evening and we were really hoping for a victory and a victory is what we got. Our Cats rocked UCLA's world tonight by beating them 48-12. We stayed until half-time and then wanted to get the Monks home. she was pretty darn tired and had truly been amazing today by allowing us to cart her every where and not say boo about it. She only cried when she was hungry and the rest of the time just made raspberries and tried to figure out her fist.

I am sleepy mommy
All in all the last couple of days have been great ones. I know that I have written a novel and have left out some things, for that I apologize. I hope you enjoy hearing about what has been going on with us over the last couple of days. Please let me know your feedback and what you want more of or less of. It is time for me to sign off and head to slumberville. So until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much Love,

Monday, October 17, 2011

Just another Manic Monday!

Hello and Happy Monday!

Oh sad face!
We had a little Bitter Betty when we went to bed last night. She was just in one of those moods where nothing was making her comfortable and she just needed to go to sleep because she was so tired! All it took was a tight swaddle, a binky, her bassinet and she was lights out (after she cried herself to sleep). We went to bed shortly after she did and hoped that we were going to get another 7 hour night, Gwynie had other plans. She woke up at 1:30am wanting to eat and needing a change. I took Gwynnie out of the room to feed and change her so Daddy good get some sleep since he had work this morning. It did not take to long for her to eat and fall right back to sleep, which made it very easy for daddy and I to go back to sleep. 

Happy Girl!
Gwynnie had a little gas problems this morning around 6:00am. She was very uncomfortable and could not get the gas out. So i grabbed her and laid her on my chest, which seems to be comfortable for her and allows her to relieve herself and going back to sleep. She slept for another hour and a half before she woke up ready to eat. She was still a little crabby, but I knew that was not going to last long. Once she ate and got her first poop out for the day she was all smiles. We walked Daddy out to his car and told him good bye and headed in so we could get changed to start our day.

Happy Birthday Poppy
We had a fun day ahead of us. It is Poppy's birthday today so we had to call and wish him a happy birthday! We were also having Erica and Kyle over for dinner for Kyles birthday. Even though his birthday was on the 2nd we were unable to go to his birthday BBQ, so I wanted to make him dinner. I made them my homemade pasta sauce and meatballs, which is one of my favorite things to make. We needed to get a few items from the store, so the monks and I headed out to grab what we needed. While at the store she was turning everyone's head. Everyone was coming up to talk to her and say hello and she just smiled right back at them. I love her little smile!!! After she flirted with everyone we headed home to start the sauce so we could meet Auntie Sammie for lunch.
Me and Auntie Sammie
 We met up with Auntie Sammie at her school for some lunch and girl time. It was really fun to meet her students and watch there faces in confusion while they were trying to figure out why we have the same face. Even when we told them we were twins they would not believe us, kind of interesting little people. It was good just to get some sister time and let Sammie hold Gwynnie without her little one crying. I was glad she got to hold her. :)

Erica and Kyle with Gwynnie
They day slowed down from there. We headed home to meet daddy and just relax for the afternoon before Erica and Kyle came over for dinner. Erica and I were going to go for run this fine evening as well. She is training for another 5k and I am so proud of her. So we went out for a little 2.5 mile run before dinner. The sun had set and weather had cooled down and it was a perfect night for a run. We headed out while the guys stayed in to watch football. The evening could not have gone any better, good food, good friends and a happy monkey. It is now time to call it a night and head off to bed. I wish you all wonderful dreams and will chat with you all tomorrow. Until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!

Sweet Dreams!

Much Love,