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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hello and Happy Wednesday,

Today was a relatively mellow day. The Monks and I hung out this morning. We watched CNN while she was having breaky and I was drinking my coffee. Morning coffee has got to be one of life's little pleasures that I enjoy. We have the best coffee machine too. It is called Jura and it can make you anything from a regular cup of frothy coffee or latte, which ever you are feeling in the morning. Since it is getting closer to the holidays I have been craving peppermint mocha's. I may have to make a purchase at Starbucks so I can make them for myself.

Blue Steel Face
Once the Monks and I finished our breaky I got her dressed, in one daddy's favorite outfits, so we could meet him so I could head to a yoga class this afternoon. I went to yoga at Yoga Oasis and zenned out in a Yo Hour with Karine. I love her messages in class and how even though she is speaking to the class you feel as though she is speaking directly to you. Today's class was about courage and really digging deep into ourselves to find it and once we do it is amazing what we can accomplish. I have been using my courage to step into the unknown and really just being open to life's possibilities.If you are looking for a great yoga class checkout

Karine was big into arm balances today, since the class was around courage :) , and oh boy did we do arm balances. We completed 3 different versions of side plank just to open class. I was pretty excited when we go to Tree pose because it was the first time, in over a year, that I have been able to get into the pose fully since my ACL surgery. Karine decided to challenge us again by going straight from Tree to Warrior 3. Definitely walked out of class inspired to take on the world.

I also wanted to go for a run tonight as well, so when I got home I asked if the Hubby wanted to join me and the Monks. We would make a it a family affair. Daddy also wanted to make lettuce wraps for dinner, so we ran to the market. 5 miles round trip. The Monks slept for the first half of the trip and woke up when we got to the market. She had the look on her face of I did something sneaky...

She was trooper the whole run. She smiled and laughed almost the whole way home, until she realized she was a hungry little girl. Mommy and Daddy picked up the pace a bit to get her home, but we only made it to the end of block before we had to walk to feed her. She was such a butt, she ate for 2 min and then fell back asleep.

Once home Daddy began cooking dinner and I fed the Monks her pre-dinner. Daddy made some unbelievable lettuce wraps that we will have to repeat again soon. They were pretty delicious and am pretty bummed there are no leftovers for tomorrow. After dinner it was bath time for the Monks... She was a stinky lil girl. She loves bath time. I honestly cannot wait until she learns how to splash around in the water.I am also pretty excited for the new jammy's that Grammie sent home with Auntie Sammie from Cali... Tell me they are not the cutest thing?
Mommy's lil rockstar!
Now that the Monks is ready for bed it is time for mommy to do the same thing. I hope you enjoyed your day today as much as I enjoyed mine. So until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much Love,

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