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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Fun

Hello and Happy Thursday lovely's,

Well Hello There.
Today started out great! Gwynnie slept a wonderful 8 hours last night!!! We could not believe it, 3 nights in a row, Daddy was even talking about moving her into her room. Mommy is definitely not ready for that. She woke up at 5:45am to feed with a bit of a crakiness, which I do not blame her since she went 8 hours without eating. Daddy was already up for the day since he had to be to work at 7:00am. We got his attention so she could say good morning and have a good day.  
Had to rest up before her walk/run

Once she was done eating I laid her down next to me and we fell asleep for another 2 hours. She slept in until 8:00am and I loved it! Our morning started out in the normal fashion with a cup of coffee, some CNN and a little breakfast. I did manage to make the bed, wash my face and get dressed before my first cup of coffee... Thank you Gwyn. She was ready for a fun day with daddy today. We were going for a run/walk at Reid Par after he got done with work.

Daddy came home and made lunch for us so we could take it with us to enjoy after our walk. We were going to head to Starbucks after our workout so I could apply to more jobs and daddy could get done what he needed to get done. The weather was a bit warm on our walk/run and Gwynnie had little rosie cheeks when we got back to Starbucks. She was a toasty little monkey. We scooped up one of the booth tables so I was able to lay her out and let her sprawl out and cool down. She just laid there and chatted with daddy and I and gave me pointers on what to put on my resume. She got so tired from helping out that she had to take a nap.

Boy I am tired
After hanging out Starbucks for a bit we headed to the store to get some items for dinner. We were having pork chops, seasoned with chili powder and cumin,  with a jicima salad that had cucumbers, black-beans,  avocado, cilantro, onion and parsley all mixed in a homemade Dijon vinaigrette. It was a new meal that we have not tried yet from Rachel Rays 30min meals. It was quite tasty and I cannot wait for leftovers tomorrow. 

Hi Daddy!
After dinner it was time to give the monkey a bath, she was a little stinker, even behind her ears were stinky. She loves her bath time, still not splashing yet but all in good time. She then proceeded to finish 4oz of milk and passed out on the couch. I am hoping for another 8 hour night from our little Monkey because she has a full day and we do not need a Bitter Betty sighting :0). I hope that you all have a great evening and an even better tomorrow. So until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much Love,



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