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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Busy Bee Friday

Hello and Happy Friday friends and family,

Hi Friends
Today was a fun Friday. The Monk slept in again for 8 hours. That makes it 4 days in a row of some solid sleep. Gwynnie also woke up in a great mood. My pretty girl was all smiles as we had our morning chat over coffee. Today is a busy little day for us, we met Mrs. Cassie to go a for a walk, followed by some catching up over coffee, then meeting Auntie Sammie for some lunch, dinner with Cassie and Tom and then ending the day with the girls soccer game against Cal. We had to get little missy fed and ready to start the day. While getting her ready we got a call from Auntie Sammie who said that she was not feeling well and that Gwynnie I should not come and meet her just so we do not get sick. We were kind of bummed that we could not meet up with her, but did not want to get sick either. So we got ready to meet Cassie for our walk.

The monks already asleep.
The walk was going to be an interesting one since we got our first flat tire on our stroller, little hard to push the stroller with a flat tire. :( So I grabbed the baby bijourn, the monks and got in the car and headed to Reid Park for our walk. Cassie is 30 weeks prego with only 10 weeks left to go and she is not counting down or anything. She is still working out and getting the same dirt looks I used to get when I was working out prego. There is nothing wrong with it and it is actually healthier for mommy and baby to be fit and active during pregnancy, I am just saying. The monks and I enjoy or weekly walks/runs with Cassie. We cannot wait to meet the little guy who will be joining us on our sweaty adventures once he is here.

10 weeks to go
Since I did not have to meet with Sammie, Cassie and I spent the next 2 hours catching up. Even though we see each other a couple of times a week the conversations never get dull. We decided that we may start up our own party planning company, since we both enjoy planning and putting parties together. We would call is "Kicks and Giggles." It would be fun and you never know what he future holds.

I did get some exciting emails today. I have 2 interviews over the next 2 weeks for pharmaceutical companies. It is nice to see that my resumes are getting looked at and companies are interested in me. Cassies husband, Tom, is a pharmaceutical rep and is giving me pointers on how to interview and what companies look for. I really appreciate the help since I have never worked for a company like that. I know one of these jobs is going to work out. 

Tired Monks
The fun with Tom and Cassie continued into the evening. We decided to meet up with them for dinner at Sam Hughes Championship Grill before going to the women's soccer game. While at dinner there was a table of ladies who could not stop staring at the little monkey and telling us how cute she is. They even asked us to hand her over. I laughed and said oh I do not think so, and they replied with seriously if she starts crying we will hold her. Kind of freaky, like I am going to hand my baby over to a stranger, I do not think so. After dinner we went next door to Alegro's for some totally tasty gelato. It was unbelievable. They had a pineapple/basil flavor that was so tasty deliciousness that I could've had another cup. 
She shoots, she scores!
We made it to the second half of the soccer game and the Cats were tied 0-0 with the Cal Bears. It was pretty ugly game, not going lie. Both teams really had no flow or plays set up to attack the goal, but out of the two Cal unfortunately looked better. At the end f regulation the game was still tied, so now they headed into sudden death OT. Did that bring back memories. My freshmen with the Cats every game went into double OT. Crazy memories came rushing back. 

glory days
The over time began and before we could blink the game was over. Cal scored 49 sec into the first OT. It was so quick that all the fns in the stand did not even know what happened. Apparently though it had something to do with a penalty call because everyone was yelling at the ref. Oh the memories of playing days. We filed out of the stands and headed home to put the monks to bed. hopefully we will get another 7-8 hour night. So until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much Love,


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