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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Funday

Hello and Happy Sunday lovely's,

Good Morning!
I hope your day was as fun filled as mine was. The Monkey slept for 7 hours straight last night. Yeah for sleep! Nothing like sleeping in on Sunday morning. Tommy was up early still, he got out of bed around 7:00am, even after I tried to get him to stay and sleep in. He could not sleep anymore and was up, so the monkey and I slept in a little longer. The Monkey slept for about another hour before I heard her up. When I rolled over to see what she was doing she had both her fist shoved into her mouth. I could not help but smile at her, when I did she smiled right back. I could tell she was up and ready to start the day.

My running buddy
When we got out to the living room daddy was sitting in the chair having his morning cup of coffee. I handed Gwynnie to him so I could go and make a cup of coffee before Gwyn was ready to eat. When I got into the kitchen I saw a pink box sitting on the stove... Tommy went and got us some some tasty morning treats! He got some yummy donuts from the donut wheel. He went to Gus Balon's first, they have the best cinnamon rolls in Tucson, but they were closed. He did get me the biggest cinnamon roll, which I truly appreciated. The morning had started now since I had my donut and coffee.

The Crew

Sunday's are my long running days so I laced up my sneaks and met Ms. B for our 6 mile run. Becky has a mapped out route around her house. We strapped Ryker in the for the ride and headed out into the 96 degree weather to get our run in. Ryker was a champ on the whole run. He slept the full hour that we were out running. He is a very good lil guy. Becky and I are really just running to get fit again and to just get a rhythm going. It has been over a year since we have ran consistently and we are working our way back into it. We are planning on running the Tucson and Phoenix half marathon's and I am hoping to runt he full in San Diego. 

The boys and my little girl
When we finished our run I headed home to see what the boys were up to. Kevin came over early to watch some football and our friend Warkentin drove in to hangout for the day as well. He and his wife have been driving in an RV for the last 9 days touring the states and he stopped by to hangout with us. As usual we headed down to our normal water hole, No Anchovies, to start the afternoon off. The Sears joined us in the fun on our first stop of the day. We enjoyed some lunch, I had a caprese salad sandwich with chicken in it. It was some tasty awesomeness! Lunch was tasty and the beer was cold. It was great start to the afternoon. 

we both have our drinks.
After we finished our pints we decided to head downtown to the Hub again for a couple of beers and to meet up with the Welps. We just enjoyed the afternoon with some good friends and exchanged some good times. It has been a long time since we all hung out with Warkentin and the laughs generally keep rolling when he is around and tonight they did. Warkentin, Tommy and I decided to head to the Barrio Restaurant for dinner after the Hub. He has never been there and we have only eaten there once. They have some pretty darn good food. I highky recommend trying the food and drinks there if you have never been there.

The Monkey and The Fish
 The Monkey was getting pretty tired so it was time to get her home so we could feed her and get her into bed. The Warkentin had to get back so he could see his wifey and little girl Kate. We got home and I started feed our little Bitter Betty who cried the whole way home. She has been getting into those moods where nothing makes her happy and she just wants to cry. It breaks my heart, but I just hold her and until she is calm. Hopefully this is just a phase, we shall see.

Our sleepy monkey

The night is coming to an end and Monday is calling. We have our little monkey tucked in and already asleep. I am going to follow in her foot steps and head to bed myself. I hope you all had a great weekend and I hope you enjoy hearing about mine. If you have any feedback please let me know. What would you like to see on the blog? Share your thoughts. Until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life.

Much love,


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