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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Little Cupcake is back!

Hello and Happy Sunday...

Here is what happened yesterday. Our lil Monkey woke up still a little Bitter Betty, she woke up every 2 hours to eat. We did not get to much sleep and were pretty tired when the morning started. The Monks was a little crabby as well, but as the morning went on her happy little self started to come out. We went with Daddy to work so we could meet some friends down at No Anchovies to watch the Cats play.

Couple of happy campers
We had a pretty good crew with us to cheer on our Wildcats at No Anchovies. No only did we have the usual suspects with the Sears, but Shawn and Julie came down from Phoenix and Cassie and Tom met us as well. We had our crew there ready to cheer on our team, unfortunately our team decided not to show up and play as well. Seriously... the place would boo every time Zendejas would go in to kick. We really need to keep going for 2 point conversions consider our percentage is better then our field goal percentage. Gwynnie was not all that in impressed with the game. Every time we would cheer she would open her eyes to see what was going on then just go back to sleep.

What a sports nut huh?
After we licked our wounds we headed home to make dinner with Julie and Shawn. It is always so nice to see them. Tommy and I need to better about going up to visit our fiends up in Phoenix. It is super fun to go up and see them. When we got back to the house Julie and I went to the store while leaving the guys to hang out and watch some more football. It felt like a BBQ night so we went for kabobs. Nothing better then grilled chicken with grilled veggies, brown rice, salad with avocado and an artichoke. It was some tasty deliciousness.

Love these people!

I tried to get Shawn to hold Gwynnie, but he was not about it. he he he. She loved Shawn, every time he looked at her she would just smile from ear to ear. Apparently he has a friendly face. After we finished our yummy dinner we watched a little of the Dark Knight, which Heath Ledger rocked the joker, before Julie and Shawn hit the road.

It was bath time for Monks tonight. She loves her baths. Anytime she knows her diaper is coming off she gets excited. She likes to give us surprises by peeing on her changing table. She does it with a smile, so cannot help but laugh at her. She loves to hang out in her whale tub while we clean her off, she is starting to kind of figure out how to splash. Once she was dressed and ready for bed she was out. We put her in her swing and she was done sauce. I woke her up around 8:45pm to feed her, hoping it would keep her full and she would give us maybe 5+ hours of sleep. The little piglet ended up eating for 40 min! 

Gwyn is really good at knowing when it is time to turn in for the night. We wrap her in her blanket, lay her in the bassinet, put the ocean on and she is asleep in 2 seconds. She occasionally snores as well, it is really cute. Now that she is ready for bed it was bed time for us as well, even though it was 9:30pm. :) We rarely see the clock strike 10:00pm anymore, which I am totally ok with! I hope you all have good night and remember to keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much Love,

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