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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bitter Betty Friday

Hello and apologies that I did not post last night,

We had a bitter Betty on our hands yesterday. Gwynnie woke up in her normal 5:30am fashion, having trouble pooping. Mommy tried to sooth her back to sleep when all of the sudden we heard a loud chirp from above our heads... The fire alarm! You know that loud chirp that it makes when the battery is about to die, yes that one, it began right after the Monks was fussing over not being able to poop. I felt so bad for Tommy, since he had to be up in just an hour or so. He has not gotten much sleep and has been working really hard. Hopefully he will be able to get some rest today. On a really fun note Gwynnie did roll over today!!! She definitely does not like to be on her belly.

We decided to meet Uncle Kevin and Uncle Matt at No Anchovies to watch some post season baseball. It was the most crowded we have seen it there. We found a table outside on the patio, it was really nice when the sun as out, but the minute it went down oh boy was it chilly. We were surrounded by D-Backs fans who were hoping they would pullout a victory against the Brewers, but they fell one run short. They place emptied pretty quickly. We decided that since it was pretty cold out we would move inside especially since Uncle Matt did not have a jacket and was freezing. Before we could leave the table next to us asked if they could take a picture of Gwynnie since she was the cutest thing they have seen, which I totally agree with, and also it was the first baby they have seen at Chovies.

We hung out for one more drink and then headed home to enjoy our wonderful peanut sauce pasta for dinner. On the drive home, Bitter Betty was in full swing. She was hungry, had to poop, was tired and all round just uncomfortable. she literally cried herself to sleep. Once home Tommy and I quickly unloaded the car and brought her the house, hoping she would stay asleep, since she really only catnapped throughout the day.  We were not so lucky. We quickly changed her and fed her, hoping this would sooth her to sleep and allow Tommy and I to have dinner ourselves.

That planned seemed to work, Once she ate and I got her in he jammies, it was lights out. We had her in her my little lamb swing, THANK YOU UNCLE KEV AND AUNTIE SAM! She was asleep and we got to eat. We did not even sit at the table to eat our leftovers, we just stood in the kitchen and ate. Daddy was in one of his funny moods and kept trying to throw is dirty socks on me. For those who don't know, I hate feet and anything that has to do with them, especially sweaty socks!!!! His whole ploy was to distract me with sweaty socks so he could get the hose at the sink ans squirt me with it. I was covered in water and so was our floor. Needless to say we got a good laugh out if it. :)

The day was long and we were ready to crash. Since the Monks was already asleep we decided to follow in her footsteps. Hoping that since she sis not sleep during the day we would get a 7 hours night. One can only hope. As I say good night remember to keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much Love,

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