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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tucson Tuesday!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

Today has been a fun day with the Monks and the hubby. The morning began with a very happy Monkey. She woke up around 7:30am ready for breaky and mommy was in some serious need of a coffee. Daddy was already at work, he had to be up by 5:30am.and to work by 7:00am. He works really hard and hopefully we will see a victorious tennis team this season.

While the Monks and I were enjoying our morning daddy text us to see if we would like to join him for some playoff baseball at No Anchovies. A sunny perfect day on an out door patio with my 2 favorite people, how could I say no??? I got the monks all dressed and her bag ready to go so when daddy got home we would be ready to go. She was very excited to spend the day with daddy.

We got to anchovies at the bottom of the second of the Rays vs. Ranger game. We met up with Tommy's boss, Tad, to watch the game. Tad is a Rays fan and since the Angels are out of the running we cheered for the Rays. The game got interesting and I thought the Rays would have pulled it out, but Beltre hitting 3 solo home runs did not help in the en devour. So with a 4-3 victory the Rangers ended the Rays post season. :( Even though they did not pull it out, it was still an enjoyable day out in the sun.

Upon arriving at home we had 3 boxes waiting for us at the font door. 2 of the boxes were for Gwynnie. She gets more mail now then Tommy and I. She got the cutest socks, that look like ballet slippers, and a new monkey. All the gifts were from Grandma and Poppy Lloyd and Pop and Grandma. We also got the cutest bunny blanket, beanie and carrot rattle for her as well from Uncle Jeff in California.

Rascally Rabbit
She looks so darn cute in the beanie that I cannot wait for it to get cool enough so she can wear it more. :)

They day has been pretty mellow since leaving No Anchovies. I decided to try a new recipe for dinner tonight. It is a homemade black bean burger recipe with sweet potato fries. The burgers were full of deliciousness and with a touch of spicy mustard, banana pepper's and avocado it was the perfect dinner.

We then headed off to Tuesday night bowling. I have been bowling pretty darn well the last couple of weeks and it continued on to this week. I bowled a 138, 108 and 145. My middle game was not so good, but I definitely made up for it in the third game. Our team ended up winning 3 out of the 4 games. We even got a visit from Sammie and Haylee. Haylee is by far our biggest cheer leader. All I can hear is "Yea Liz!" We are still working on putting the "Auntie" in front of it. 

All in all is a pretty fun and mellow day. A couple of beers, a baseball game rolling some pins and hanging with some good people. I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings. So as the sunsets in the West I bid you a found farewell. Until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much Love,


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