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Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Start

Hello and Happy Sunday!

This is the start of a new me! I just had a baby girl, Gwyneth Marie aka The Monks, I started training for my next marathon and I lost my job. Losing my job was definitely not the hit of my week it has opened my eyes to not settling and really learning what I am best in the world at. I am best in the world at serving people and really creating a community. I decided to create this blog in order to generate a community and just be a support for anyone who may need it. I am simply just going to talk about my life and maybe it can help.
So here is what my Sunday was like... I woke up to an unhappy baby monks who had to poop really bad, but some how forgot. :) So she laid with mommy for a roughly an hour before she decided she was now ready to poop and eat, which she likes to attempt to do at he same time. Once the hubby and I got her fed and changed her Sunday was ready to begin. 
The hubby made delicious flax seed pancakes with banana's in them. They were the perfect start to the day. He even sliced up fresh peaches to have on the side.
While the hubby parked it on the couch, with The Monks, for Sunday football I went for my 5 run in training for the Tucson half marathon. It was a great run, the weather was a bit warm, but nothing beats a sunny day in Tucson. The run was slow, given it was my first one over 3 miles in over a year. It is all good, it was just like my Dad used to say, "It does not matter how fast you run them as long as you get the miles in." So it does not matter how fast I go as long as I get them in. 
The rest of the day consisted of hanging out with my two favorite people, The Monks and my hubby, and my twinny and her family (Sammie: the twin, The Fish: Haylee and Kevin: her husband.) All in all today was a great day! The Bolts even got a victory! Until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!
<3 Liz

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