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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just another day

Hello and Happy Thursday,

Today was just an ordinary Thursday here at the Lloyd house. Daddy had an early morning of work, practice began at 7:00am so he was up at 5:30am. I tried to keep the Monkey from getting to loud so that he could get some good sleep. She was really good last night, she slept for almost 6 hours! Not going to lie pretty darn excited about that. She even slept in until 8:00am for mommy. So our morning started a little later then usual, but I truly love waking up to the cutest little Monkey ever. She was pretty patient with breaky this morning, even though she went for 5 hours without eating. Mommy was able to get her coffee, straighten her room and clean the dished in the sink before she was ready to eat.

Once she had eaten her breaky and mommy finished her first cup of coffee it was time to clean the house. There is no better feeling then having a clean house. I am very particular with how I like it cleaned and even though daddy tries, I would prefer to clean it on my own. He was a sweetie anyway and mopped the floors, since that is actually my least favorite thing to do.

The Monks and I did not leave the house today, since I was cleaning and looking for jobs. Daddy suggested that we go for a run, we were all for it. He combed through our cooks books, before we left, to see what new dish we were going to try tonight. He decided on pasta in a peanut sauce. So once again today we ran to the store and back since we only needed a few items. Once we got the Monks already to go we headed out the door. It was pretty chilly today so we made sure the Monks was nice and warm for the run. She is the cutest little Monkey I have ever seen.

She was actually awake the first half of the run this time and was just looking at everything we passed while blowing bubbles with her spit. That is her new thing to do, make spit bubbles. The run back was a bit slower, I was tired from my run yesterday and with the rain coming in, my knee was not feeling to hot today. It was a lot cooler today then I had thought it was.

When we got back home we caught up on all our Tivo from the past couple of nights. Law and Order SVU, which even though Stabler is no longer on, is still pretty darn good with the new crew. We also watched NCIS as well. Those are 2 of my favorite shows and the ironic thing is that they are always on TV during the day. We are now all caught up on our weekly shows and it was time to start making dinner.

It was was of the easiest recipes to make. Simple ingredients to create big flavor. If you do not like peanuts or peanut butter you probably will not like this one. The hubby and I cooked dinner together tonight. I love cooking with him. I cut the veggies and while he mixed the sauce together and cut the chicken. No dinner prep/cooking is complete without a little cocktail. Tonight we dined with the captain.The Monks was feeling left out while in her swing so, we moved her to her bouncer to sit at the table with us. She does not like to miss out on anything that is going on.

The Monks was supposed to clean dishes tonight, since daddy and I cooked dinner, but she was being a lazy bones and not moving from her bouncer. :)  So daddy and I were on cooking and clean up tonight. :) 

Although daddy could not stop eating the leftovers. He was supposed to be placing the extra in Tupperware, but was eating it instead. Oh yes, dinner was that good!

Now the evening is coming to end we are just going to enjoy some family time. Watch a little college football and post season baseball. Everyday is a good day when you spend it with the ones you love. I hope you all had a great day and have an even better weekend. So until tomorrow  keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much Love,

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