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Monday, October 10, 2011

Just another Monday

Hello and Happy Monday!

Today was just another Monday in the land of the Lloyd's. Although Gwynnie was a fabulous lil Monkey last night and slept for almost 7 hours the fist time around and then slept in until 7:30am. Both Tommy and I were pretty happy about that. It was in much need of that sleep since I was not feeling to hot last yesterday and really needed the rest. 

Happy Lil Monkey!
Daddy day started out a little bit different today. Since my car was not starting he jumped it and drove it to the dealership this morning to see if it was just the battery or something more. He drove the car there and ran home so he could grab his car to go to work. It was the perfect morning for a run and he got a nice 5 mile run in to start his day. Gwynnie and I sent daddy off on his day and we settled in for ours.

They started in its normal fashion, the Monks got her breakfast and I got my coffee. I settled in front of the computer to apply for more jobs today. After grinding on some intense online applications, which I do not remember online apps being this crazy, I mean one of the applications had me fill out a 37 page questionnaire before I could even submit my resume, I decided to have some tummy time with the lil Monks. What a tummy time it was, she rolled over!!! I was definitely more excited then she was, but that is fine by me.  No more leaving her on the couch by herself. She is growing so fast, next thing you know I will be posting pictures of her crawling and then walking. To crazy how fast they grow.

MMM crew
 The rest of the day was pretty mellow. Tommy got home from work and just hung out with me and the Monkey. Nissan called and said the car was ready, thank goodness it was only the battery that needed to be replaced and nothing more. When we got back home watched the NCIS marathon, since Law and Order SVU was on yesterday and I just filled out some application. Today did not have that much excitement, except for Gwyn rolling over, so I decided to get out and go for my walk at Meet Me at Maynards or MMM, just to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Cassie unfortunately could not make it tonight, she had a ton of work to finish, but Becky was still coming and we were going to take down MMM like the champs we are. It was such a nice night. It is getting to my favorite time of year here in Tucson where the weather is not to hot or to cold it is just perfect. The evenings are so nice to go out for walks/runs, October is my favorite month. There is just a crisp in the air that makes you want to go outside and enjoy it.

Go Team Go
 The night is coming to an end and it ended with the Monks, Daddy and I watching the end of Monday Night Football. Daddy and I were watching the game, but Gwynnie was not so enthused with it. She was down for the count with a quarter left to go. Daddy and I took our cue from her and got ourselves ready for bed after we watched Mike and Molly. If you have not watch that show I highly recommend it. The cast is to funny and the writing is great. Plus it is only a 30min show, so with Tivo it is actually 20 min of comedy.

One Tired Monks
I hope you all had as good of a Monday as I did and I hope you week continues to rock your world. So as the sunsets in the West I bid you a fond farewell. Until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life.

Much Love,


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