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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Busy Bee Saturday!

Hello and Happy Saturday Lovely"s,

Well Hello There!
Saturday was fun and busy day. We started the day in usual fashion with a very happy Gwynnie talking to her fist and then trying to shove both of them in her mouth. She has been a chatty Cathy and just telling me all about her dreams. She slept another 6 hours last night, which was awesome. I got some sleep which is always nice. She has a new trick up her sleeve now. After she eats I normally change her diaper, wrap her up and put her back in her bed, well now I feed her and let her sit for a few minutes because she enjoys having me change 2 diapers. She would wait until I had her all clean and wrapped and then load her shorts again. She would do all this with that adorable smile and I would find myself laughing at her. Once I got her back to sleep we got to sleep in until 8am. We got up and went to see if grandma was awake, she was still sleeping so we went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Grandma heard us up and came out to greet us. 

I want some!

After we had a morning cup of coffee I headed out to the gym to have an incredible kickboxing class with Lizetta! I have not taken that class in forever and was so looking forward to getting in a great sweat. Sweat I did in her class. I definetly worked up quite an appetite and decided to take Gwynnie and Grandma to breakfast at Gus Balon's. They have the best cinnamon rolls there. As you can see they are as big as Gwynnie. Grandma and I shared one and could not even finish it, but I sure tried.

My lil dinosaur
After breakfast we decided to head to the mall to go shopping for Gwynnie. We figured we were safe since daddy was out of town. :0) We were trying to find her a Christmas outfit to wear when we go to dinner at Auntie Sammie and Uncle Kevin's. Boy did we find her an outfit... We found her 2 outfits, a Christmas onsies, new pair of shoe's and a Christmas ornament. Thank you grandma for all my cute outfits. I cannot wait for her to wear them.
Hi Daddy!
After the mall we headed home to relax a little bit before daddy came home and we met up with Kyra for dinner and drinks. I was hoping the Monkey would take a nap so we could take one, but no such dice. She was way to excited that her daddy was coming home. So we hung out until we heard the garage door open. The minute daddy walked in and she heard his voice she got excited. She was very happy to see him and even more happier to have him home.

Tommy and Grandma

 Daddy got a shower and we changed Gwynnie into her party dress and headed out to meet Kyra at Hotel Congress. We were having a little get together so our friends could say ta ta to Kyra since she will be moving to the East coast in a week... She is also getting married in a week! Yay!!!
The girls

We got to Hotel Congress to meet Kyra and enjoyed their wonderful lemon drop martini's and nachos. It was also the 6th annual zombie walk through downtown and we saw some pretty interesting people while enjoying some cocktails. Apparently there were roughly 1500 people decked out in zombie costumes and walking up and down the streets. It was pretty funny to see everyone dressed up.

Love these girls!
 Amber, Jill and Chadwick all met us at Hotel congress to say good bye to Kyra. It was so nice just to be able to hang with these peeps. We normally only get to see them in the fitness environment, but now we just all got to chat and enjoy each others company. Amber flew in from Alabama. It was so nice to see her. I miss WOD-ing it up with her at CrossFit. She is here for another week or 2 and I know we will be hanging out some more.
Chadwick and Kyra

The night ended with a great dinner and some ice cream from the HUB downtown. If you have not eaten there, I highly recommend it. They have tasty sandwiches and soups, but most of all there homemade ice cream is incredible. The winner flavor of the night was the Pistachio Baklava. It was creamy deliciousness with tasty chunks of baklava and pistachio nuts. I love that there flavors change daily as well. You can always try something new.

Our Saturday was a fun filled day with some incredible people. I am glad I got to spend the night with my favorite people. I hope you all had a great Saturday as well. Remember until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living, life!

Much Love,


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