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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bowling Night

Hello and Happy Tuesday,

Today was an all around good day. Our little monkey woke up in the best mood. She slept another 7 hours for us and we are loving it! She was sleeping so good that I decided to get up and get ready while she slept. I was able to get dressed, get coffee, make the bed and clean the dishes in the sink before she woke up. What a great mood she was in. 

Good Morning Life
She always seems to wake up with a smile on her face, which I most certainly enjoy. Today I got a mommy day complete with a pedicure and a massage at Elements Spa ( Thanks to my wonderful honey, I got 2 uninterrupted hours of me time. I owe him big time! The Pedicure was okay, Alexis is more of hair stylist and only helps out the nail techs when they are busy. The massage, however, was incredible. My lower back has been killing me lately and that massage was just what the doctor ordered. 

Hi Daddy
Once I was done with "me time" I met up with my two favorite people, Tommy and Gwynnie for some Sakura. Tommy and I had a groupon so we decided for a little cook at your table lunch. It was quite tasty deliciousness. I had the chicken and shrimp and tommy had the chicken and scallops. Gwynnie was awesome during lunch. She just sat in her car seat making conversation with us while we ate. Lunch was perfect and the company even better. Once finished, we made a quick stop by Babies R Us to get the monkey some much needed wipes. :)

Go Daddy Go
The rest of the day we just hung out and relaxed since we had to bowl tonight. The Monks was taking little naps but nothing to substantial, hoping this is a good sign that she will sleep for another 7 hours tonight. :0) She did not sleep at all at the bowling ally. She is so afraid she is going to miss something that nothing was going to get her to close her eyes. She just hung out with the girls. It was the usual crew at the ally, The Sears, The Welps and Nikhil. The Monks was a little bummed that her future husband, Ryker Welp, was asleep and she could not flirt with him. I was hoping she would follow his lead and nap herself, but no such luck.

The Girls!
The team had won the first two games and were on there way to winning the third game when Bitter Betty made a little appearance. She was so tired that all she could do was cry. I tried everything to get her to relax; swing her in her car seat, hold her close, havin her face out while rocking her, using the binks, feeding her and nothing seemed to work. I just took her outside and let her cry it out. She just need to cry herself to sleep. She literally went from screaming to passed out asleep on my chest within 10 sec. That is our crazy little monkey.

The Boys!
By the end of the third game our team not only claimed all for points, but the monks was asleep and ready to go home. By the time we got home she was ready to eat. It was perfect timing, we fed her, bathed her and put her down fir the night. We have a system going that we hope is a pattern where we feed her between 9:00pm-10:00pm and she sleeps for seven hours. We are hoping fir the same thing tonight. So until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much Love, 


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