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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today is another day

Hello and Happy Humpday,

I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday. Today was just a simple day with not a whole lot to report. The Monkey slept for another glorious 7 hours and we got to sleep those same 7 glorious hours. She woke up at 6:30am ready to eat and she was also stinky. Once she was nice and full I took her into her room to change her. We said good morning to Daddy since he was up drinking his coffee. :0) As usual once she was on her table she was all smiles and laughing. I was hoping she was not waking up to much so she would go right back to sleep for me. 

Once her diaper was off and I had her all clean, I leaned over to grab a fresh diaper and I heard "the noise." The noise that is usually followed by a grunt and loud splatter sounds, yes... The sound of poop taking flight. Luckily I ducked it, but her changing pad, her basket with all her goodies and the wall were not so lucky. Of course when I looked down at her she was laughing and smiling away. She thought she was being so darn cute. Daddy yelled out "What was that?" I told him, with laughter in my voice, "That was your daughters bum painting the room." He could hear her on the other side of the house. She definitely takes after her daddy, but he does not poop on the walls.  :0)

Am I cute? I think so!
Once again I had her all cleaned up, wrapped up and ready to continue into slumber. She fell right back asleep. Yea for mommy and sleep. I slept for just another hour before I woke and started the day. This morning I took it slower then usual, so I just got dressed, got my coffee and started applying for jobs. No bed making, no cleaning, just a little morning coffee and CNN. 

The Monks woke up around 8:30am and was her usually smiling self. She was ready to eat. Once she was finished I burped her like usual, but this morning she had a surprise for me... She decided to puke all down the front of me. I just started to laugh, that was strike 2 for the day. I took the cupcake into her room to get her ready for the day, since she had decided she was done with her jammies. I got her on the changing table again and got her all cleaned up. I literally had the diaper in my hand to put under her and she peed all over before I could get it into place. There was strike 3... I got the triple threat of Gwynnie goodness before the 9:00am. Today was shaping to be a good day. :0)

Sleepy Time
We hung around the house for the majority of the morning and decided to go for a run around Reid Park with Auntie Kyra and then head to Starbucks to fill out some more applications. I had the intention of running the 3 mile loop, but my legs decided on something else. So we walked the majority of it, Auntie Kyra was super sweet to walk with us instead of getting her run in. <3   She did have to hustle back to Starbucks since she had an interview with a lululemon in Baltimore. We met back up with her at Starbucks so I could submit some applications before heading home to meet daddy.

Once at home the Monkey was super excited to see that daddy that actually whined when he would walk away. The rest of the day was spent just the 3 of us hanging out and chilling out. Hopefully the Monks will give us another 7 hour night of sleep.... Pattern, I hope so! The day was pretty mellow for us as I hope was for you. Until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much Love,


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