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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bummer Saturday for Wildcats

Hello and Happy Saturday Lovely's,

I going to get in trouble... he he he
Our day started out pretty darn early this morning. The Monkey decided that she wanted to be up and at em at 6:30am.  She did not know how to get comfy, she was not sure if she wanted to eat, if she had to fart or what. The Monkey was just up and she was making sure we were up with her. I got the monkey changed, got her fed and we headed to the couch so daddy could get some sleep. That did not last to long, daddy came out to join us and get the day started. 

Juliet rocking her bench press!
We hung out on the couch for a bit and I decided that I wanted some tasty deliciousness from Gus Balon's before we headed to the womens lifting challenge at CrossFit Works. Juliet, Kare, Becky, Kathy and a few other from CrossFit NWT were going to compete in the event. They pretty much killed it. The challenge was a max rep on bench press, dead-lift, clean and jerk and another fun test that they did not know until moments before they were going to compete.They got 3 attempts on each event. Tommy, the monkey and I left after the first round of lifts to go watch the Wildcats take on the Buffalo's. From what I saw Northwest Tucson pretty much dominated the event.

Working hard at Crossfit
Tommy the Monkey and I then headed to No Anchovies to meet with Auntie Sammie, Uncle Kevin and the Fish so we could watch the Cats take on the CU Buffalo's and what a bad bad game this was.Also, just because you are at a bar/restaurant and have a couple of pitchers of beer does not make it okay to act like a douche bag. There was a guy sitting at a table next to us that was throwing around 4 letter adjectives and even dropped the "C" word while watching the game. Even though it was very disappointing and made me want to vomit while watching the Cats play, you do not need to use language like that. As for the Cats we pretty much have no hope for the last 2 games. The Wildcats pretty much suck and I am pretty sure it is going to be a rough couple of years ahead of us. However I will bleed red and blue forever. 

I can stand all on my own
After watching the Cats give Colorado their first PAC-12 victory we headed home to start dinner. The Sears were going to be joining us for some Pumpkin soup and roasted veggies. This soup has probably become my favorite soup. It is perfect for the winter days. It us hearty, tasty and has a little pep in it. I served it with whole grain french bread, toasted, and roasted veggies with Parmesan cheese. I could literally eat this meal every night! The soup mix is from World Market and all you have to add is the heavy cream and pumpkin. You should check them out, they have some great buys and tasty deliciousness that are really easy to make.

Hanging with Daddy
The night ended with the boys watching football and the girls watching tangled in the man-cave. That is actually a pretty cute movie. The Fishy really likes to watch it and it is so cute because she will start to dance when they sing. She does not like to dance alone so Sammie and I were dancing with her. With the exception of the Cats loss, it was a pretty nice little Saturday. I hope you are having a great weekend as well. Until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much Love,


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