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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Day on the Job

Hello and Happy Humpday Lovely's,

My Happy lil girl
Well today was my first day at the new job with the Art Institute of Tucson. I am one of 5 new team members to be trained as an Assistant Director of Admissions for the Art Institute. I was a very long, but fun day in a new field. Today we spent the day doing all of the HR paperwork and reviewing the company policies. It is generally all the same information that I have already known, however it is a bit different since now I will be working with potential students. It is incredible to help people realize that they can truly achieve their dream and get an education in their profession. It is all really exciting.

My first day outfit
Another thing that was new was my professional attire. I am so used to wearing either denim and t-shirts or luon everyday to work. Thank you to Aunt Eileen for all the awesome skirts and dresses. It got my new wardrobe off to a good start. I am definitely not used to wearing a skirt and heels, but I like the new look. I must say though, it was pretty rough leaving my lil Monkey today. I was away from her for 9 hours today and every chance I got I had to look at her precious little face from my collection of pictures on my phone. 
Gwynnie's first Serenade
It is going to be a change all around for me with this job. Not only do I have to say bye the monkey everyday, I have a new wardrobe and I am helping shape the future of Tucson... Ok the last part was a bit drastic, but it is still pretty exciting. I love the idea that I can help potential students reach there goals. It is sappy, but I am excited.

I hope that you all had an incredible day like I did. I promise to get back into blogging on a regular basis again. I am leaving you with some Gwynnie raspberries... They always bring a smile to my face. So until tomorrow remember to keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much much love,


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