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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What a past couple of Days!!!

Hello Lovely's and Happy Hump Day!

Happy Halloween!

Getting Pretty

Things have been crazy here! It was a jam packed weekend of weddings, baby showers and Halloween fun! Saturday was Bel and Kyra's wedding and one crazy fun day. I met up with Kyra and the girls at the Hotel to help get ready as well just hangout with one of my favorite girls before she moved to the East Coast. I was by far the shortest girl in the room considering all her bridesmaids were either volleyball players or swimmers. Kyra was absolutely glowing and smiling from ear to ear as she was getting ready.

Looking Good!

All the girls were rushing in and out of the room, getting their hair did, make-up rocking and figuring out how they were going to wear their dresses. Kyra did a good job at picking out her bridesmaid dresses. They are the type that you can tie in all different directions. You can make it a halter top, single shoulder or a twist down the back. The color was also a great choice for a fall wedding. However, still being 90 degrees in October is a bit much, I am really looking forward to it cooling down.

One Hot Bride!

 The girls were almost ready to leave for the Buttes and I needed to get home to get myself ready. This was going to be the first big event Tommy and I went to since The Monks graced us with her presence and let me tell you I was going to look good, nothing like the bride though! :) Can I just say Kyra has a rock'n bod and lets be serious she works pretty darn hard for it too! 

Oh Yes!

My Family

Once the bride and her girls were on their way I got home to meet up with my hotty of a husband and my cute little Gwynnie. She had her party dress all laid out, but we could not put her in it until we were absolutely ready to walk out the door. Knowing this one she would have left a present on the front of it and I could not have a messy dress on her.Oh yes, I am that mom... She will not leave the house without a bow in her hair and the one she wore to wedding is by far my favorite.
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Beljour

The ceremony was beautiful. The bride was glowing and the groom was just smitten. As Kyra made her entrance down the aisle, Bel had a smile from ear to ear. This has been a long day coming for both of them. I am so honored that my family and I got to be apart of it. They truly make a beautiful couple. :)  

Once the ceremony was over the shinnannagans began. Tommy was a nice daddy and gave me the night off... I really got to the know the drink "Desert Sunset" at the reception. It is a concoction that the groom came up with. It was tasty good and went down a little to easy. I re-filled my cup a few times during the evening... ;0)  I was also a dancing machine.I just want to simply day that this was a fabulous event and we had one hell of a good time.
Cheers Mate!
The morning started out a little rough. I felt pretty good going to bed, but woke up with a gnarly headache. I am going to say it is the bad ice I had last night. Gwynnie and I had to get moving though, we had a date with Cassie and her baby bump. She had an incredible spread laid out for her shower. Pumpkin soup, roasted veggies, roasted chicken, cheese plate and yummy sweet treats that included caramel apples, pumpkin cupcakes and sugar cookies. Needless to say it was all amazing in my belly. 
Cassie also had some fun games to play as well. I actually won one of them... It was have the sperm find the egg. The monks and I hung out with Cassie and her family a bit before heading home to chillax with my honey. I know Cassie was under the weather as well. I feel so bad for her, nothing worse when being 8 months prego and sick. You cannot really take anything, Hopefully she got some rest and is feeling a bit better today.
Oh Hey!
Now we come to Halloween... They day started with the Monks and I getting our run on. Tommy had a recruit in that day so he was going to be gone for most of the day. I got the Monks ready for our run. She was fed, changed and ready to go. Erica called and wanted to see if I wanted to go for run with her. I told her perfect, I had to run 7 miles so I would start running and then have her meet me to finish the second half of it. However the Monkey had other plans, she was not to happy for the run and became Bitter Betty and we had to walk the last 3 miles. Erica and I just walked that last half and let the Monkey rest because she had to rick or treat.

The Otter

The Pumpkin

The Runner

We headed over to the Welps to get our Trick or Treat on with the little gremlins. Even though we only had one child there with  teeth and the other 2 are just learning ho to roll over we still wanted to take them around from house to house to show off how cute they are. We had a little otter, a pumpkin and a little dancer (well we tried to get her to look like me in my running outfit.) It was so much fun just to get together and tale the kidlets out. Next year will be even better when they understand it a little bit better.  We ended the night with some killer candied apples and caramel apples made by Becky. The heath one was by far my favorite.

My Happy Girl!

It was a crazy fun weekend with some of my most favorite people. I know I did not rest enough because now I am fighting a cold. I am off to rest since this weekend is homecoming weekend. The Cats are taking Utah... Hopefully we will get another victory!!! So until tomorrow remember to keep loving, laughing and living life!
Much Love,


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