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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Humpday Fun

Hello and Happy Humpday Lovely's,

A new and happy day!
Today was a fun day just me and the Monks. It started out a little rough. The monkey has not been sleeping through the night. She has been waking up any where from 1am to 2am wanting to eat. I think she is going through a growth spurt. Our growing little girl is getting so big. She woke this morning with a bit of a stuffy nose. I hope that it because of the changing weather and not the cold that I had. So far so good, but you never know what tomorrow brings. Well since the Monks and I were inside the majority of, well ok all of, Sunday and Monday we made use of Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Just keep running, Just keep running!

Tuesday I started the day off with an interview with the Art Institute of Tucson. It would be for the Assistant Director of Admissions for the school. I could rock that position, helping people achieve their goals would be pretty rockstar. After the interview the Monkey and I went for a 4 mile run with Daddy. We carpooled with him to work so when we finished we could get our sweat on together. The Monkey was pretty excited to get out and run her favorite path, Reid Park. They just re-did the 4 mile path around the park and it is super smooth run. It was the first run that I have done in over a year that I completed all 4 miles at a 10min/mile pace. Smiley Face!!!
so happy
Daddy and I decided to take the Monkey to G-Grill for some happy hour before we hit the lanes. I love G-Grill happy hour. For all you Tucsonians, who have not been, you need to check it out. After a couple of beers and some mini-chimi's we headed to the lanes to win 3 out of games. I have not been bowling super hot so I was pretty bummed at my play, but we still won so I was not all that mad. 

Love my hat
So today is humpday and the Monkey and I hung out all day together. We went for 2 walks with some fun fun people. We started the day with a walk with Cassie and her puppies. We changed things up and walked around campus. The weather has been perfect out, it was nice long sleeve t-shirt and pant day. The Monks was dressed so cute today. I love her hat that she got from Grandma. It sparkles and make me smile. :0) She was dressed warm and ready to go. 

all smiles
Our next walk was with Auntie Sammie and Haylee, aka The Fish, around Reid Park. It was a little cooler then the first walk so we enjoyed a tasty beverage from Starbucks that kept us warm while we were walking. The fish had her hot chocolate and cookie, so she was ready to go. The Monks was bundled up nice and tight ready to go as well. We walked roughly 3 miles and by the end we were cold and ready to head home for some lovely indian food. 

One tired Monkey!
We ended the day with some indian food, sauce was courtesy of World Market, and all we needed was the chicken and some rice. It was the perfect meal on a cold day. Nice and hearty with a tiny little kick, but nothing that would blow my socks off. We watched The Cats b-ball team play tonight as well. So with a full belly, nice glass of wine and The Cats victory I would say that it was the perfect ending to a fun day. 

I hope you all had as fun of a day as I had today. Let me know what you are up to. Lets set up some sweat dates... Let me know your favorite ways to sweat!!! I look forward to hearing from you. So until tomorrow remember to keep loving, laughing and living life! 

Much Love,


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