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Monday, November 14, 2011

This one is for Rose

Hello and Happy Monday lovely's

Me and the GG
Well my day did not start out the best today. I got a wake up call that no one should ever get. It is the call letting you know that someone you love is no longer with you. My GG, Rose Salucci, was an incredible woman who was a woman of character, strength and love. I would spend countless summers at her house playing dress up, pretend and becoming a sun goddess by her pool.

 She was one of 12 sister who grew up in Ida May West Virginia. She was a softball player. basketball player and worked on the family farm. She was an all round bad ass! She and my Poppy, Pietro Salucci, moved out to Southern California where they started a family and created a fabulous life for themselves. They lived, the majority of their lives, in Huntington Beach, Ca.


I would spend summers at there house just playing dress-up in the garage. My GG had a box old clothes and shoes that Sammie and I would just play with for hours. We would pretend that we owned a resturant and would make meals for my GG, Poppy and Auntie to eat. Even if they were not very good they would eat them any way to make us feel good. They would also watch our shows that we would put on in the garage as well. Summers were always a blast at the GG and Poppy's house. 

Me, Mommy and GG
 We would watch old movies like Tammy and the Bachelor, Singing in the Rain and County Fair until the wee hours of the morning with GG and Auntie. We would then wake up really early and crawl into bed with GG and Poppy to watch morning cartoons. We would then all get up have tea and donuts at the table. I loved staying the night at GG's house. At GG's house you could eat whatever you wanted and they would watch all your favorite movies, no matter how childish they were. :0)

GG and her Gwynnie

Sunday's were my absolute favorite day of the week growing up. That is because you knew you would be heading down to GG and Poppy's house for homemade pasta sauce for dinner. GG would have to buy at least 3 loaves of french bread because we would all come walking into the house, rip off chunks of bread and pour her amazing sauce all over the top of it. She made the best pasta sauce, Sundays were a little better because of her. 

Me and the GG

I would remember times when GG would come to our house to stay for a week to help out mommy and just hang with the family. I would ask her "GG, make me look like a princess!" It was nothing special at all... All she would is make small braids on the sides of my head and then wrap them over the top to make it look like a crown. It was something so small, but would bring the biggest smile to my face. I would walk around school like I was the Cats meow and it was all because of the GG.

One of my favorite pictures
She was an absolutely incredible woman who really showed me what it is like to be a strong woman. She has left an imprint on my life that I will pass on to my daughter. I am so thankful that GG was able to meet Gwyneth Marie. She was her 7th great grand baby, she has 8 grand kids (this include the ones who married into the family) and 2 daughters. All our hearts are a little broken today as we had to say our good byes, but I know that she is in a better place. My Poppy has his number one girl back with him. When I think of them together again I cannot help but smile. I love you GG and will miss you more then words can say. Thank you for all the great memories I have with you and Poppy. 

4 Generations!
To all you who are reading this... Do not take those around you for granted. Let them know what they mean to you. Create smiles and memories together so you can look back with fondness on those who have touched your life. Until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and most importantly live life!!!

Much Much Love, especially to my family,


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