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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Homecoming weekend!

Hello and Happy Sunday Funday Lovely's,

Weekend fun begins!
This has been a pretty fun weekend here in Tucson. It was Homecoming weekend and what a weekend it was. Friday was the U of A Women's Soccer match against our nemesis the ASU Sundevils and then our boys took on the Utah Utes. The day started out with our walk with Ms. Cassie. We decided to change things up and walk around the U of A instead of Reid Park. The Monks and I carpooled with Daddy to work so we just had Cassie meet us at the courts. It was perfect weather for a walk in Tucson. The air had a little crisp to it and the sun was shining perfectly (if the sun can shine perfectly. :0)  Cassie is down to 7 weeks to go before the little dude is born, so we took the walk nice and slow and as usual stopped for a cup of joe and some more chit chat following our walk.

Mommy's lil helper
 Following our walk Tommy dropped the Monkey and I off at home while he went to the store to pick up what I needed to make coconut cup cakes. He was really sweet and went to pick up everything so the Monkey and I could relax and I could apply to some more jobs. Nothing is biting yet, but I know the right job is going to come soon. Once Tommy got home I had to get cracking on the cupcakes because we had to meet up with Cassie and Tom in a couple of hours. 

The end result
 It was pretty awesome because I made the cupcakes from scratch! First time ever and I do not think I can go back to a box mix ever again. The cupcakes were so light and delicious. I pretty much took my Auntie's recipe for coconut cake and made them into cupcakes. The Monkey was a big help, she started out hanging on the couch and wanted to get involved so I moved her into the kitchen so she could help. :)  I added blue food coloring to the cool whip and red food coloring to the coconut so we would have official homecoming  cupcakes.

Once I completed the cupcakes I had 30 min to shower and change before meeting the Wrights for dinner and the  game. Any of you who know me, that is not nearly enough time for this aweomeness to get ready :0)  I just pulled the hair back, threw on a beanie and put on my red and blue and we were ready to go. We met the Wrights at Sam Hughes Championship for some appy's, drinks and fun. They have a really good happy hour, if you have not tried it you should check them out.

Our server was pretty funny, she had the worst case of the hiccups I have ever heard and she pretty much had them for over an hour. We hung out for a bit and then headed to the game for the second half.

Lets Go Cats!
When we git to the game the Cats were down by 1 goal going into half-time. We were hoping for a rally back victory. The Cats came out with a bit of a fire under them. This was the last game of the season and you definitely do not want to lose to your in-state rival. The Cats came out and scored to tie the game up. All they needed to do was play smart, play aggressive and make their opportunities count. 

The Wrights

The weather started to get colder and the time kept ticking down. The Cats had a few opportunities on goal, but no go ahead goal was scored. All the Cats needed to do was at least get through regulation time and take the Sundevils on in Golden Goal sudden death. With 3 minutes left ASU dribbled passed 3 defenders to beat our goalie to take the lead once again. You could literally see the wind leave our sail.

The Lloyd's  

After that goal you could see that the Cats just did not have the poise or the urgency to tie the game back up and send it into overtime. Cassie and I have both been in that situation and it is such a bummer to lose to ASU. The Monks was not excited about the wind or the cold weather so when the game ended we took our little burrito Monk home so she could rest up for her big homecoming debut

 We had an early start to our homecoming Saturday. The Letter-women's  breakfast started at 8:30am and we were picking up Cassie and Tom on the way. The Monks woke up with a huge smile on her face. I was getting ready and could hear her talking in her bassinet. She was kicking her legs back and forth, chewing on her hands and just letting the world know she was up and happy. Today was going to be a fun day.

Our old stomping ground
The breakfast was really good and it was a lot of fun to chat with former female athletes, especially the ones who paved the way so that we could be collegiate athlete's. There were some young ladies at the breakfast who attended the U of A from 1937 to 1941. Pretty darn impressive if you ask me. They competed in such sports as archery, bowling and table tennis. I would have loved to have been on the bowling team.

Me and My Twinny

Just a couple of alumi's
 It is probably a good thing that I stuck with soccer though. My bowling skills leave something to be desired and I think I bowl better with a beer or two. I am pretty sure that they did not serve beer while they bowled in the college leagues. :0) It still would have been pretty darn fun though. 

 The breakfast was a lot of fun and I am definitely going try to get more of my fellow teammates to come next year. The girls and I headed to meet the boys at the tailgate so the shinnanagans could begin. We had a prime spot right on campbell and 3rd. I was also super excited for today because Shawn and Julie were going to be joining us for the fun. They drove down from Phoenix to partake in their first U of A football tailgate and game. The tailgate was a blast and I wish I could have said the same about the game.

Shawn and Julie
As fans, we entered the game with a glimmer of hope that we would have a victory over Utah, but we fell short yet again. It is pretty rough being a U of A fan this year. Our only 2 victories this year are against NAU and UCLA, nothing to wave our hats over, but needless to say, we have 2 more games left in the year, ASU and Louisiana-Lafayette, in which we can hopefully get a victory. We will keep the hope until the whistle blows. 

The Gabrys, a Jackson and the Lloyd's
The night ended with some dinner with the Jenkin's. We stopped at Miss Saigon's for some Pha soup to warm us up. Shawn is a bit of picky eater and was going to order the chicken tenders, but Tommy did not allow it. You cannot go to Pha and order chicken tenders. So he settled for the chicken soup, which I am pretty sure he enjoyed. For myself, I had a #25 with rare beef added to it. I absolutely love this soup. If you are looking for something tasty and delicious to warm the soul go for some Pha at Miss Saigon's. They also have the best spring rolls ever too. They are the rice paper ones that are fresh, not fried and the peanut sauce with it I could literally eat with a spoon (but I wouldn't). The Monkey really enjoyed getting out of the cold to get some Pha. She definitely is her mommy's little girl. We do not like cold weather unless we are on a board going down a snowy hill. :0)

Me and my Monkey
Even though we did not win, I still enjoyed getting to hang with some of my favorite people. I also checked out a new blog as well... The Food Renegade. It is a great blog about nutrition, recipes and more. She also has great giveaways. I recommend giving her blog a whirl,  You never know what you may find to improve your day. 

One tired Monkey
Well the day has come to a close and I am ready to enjoy some breakfast for dinner with my Honey and my Monkey.  Until tomorrow keep loving, laughing and living life!

Much Love,


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